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HHO Patent Application
Partial Content of my United States HHO Patent Application.Eight Steps are Required to do Something as Simple as Firing an Automatic Weapon/GUN.1. Firing, 2. Unlocking, 3. Extracting, 4. Eject...
About Us
Contact Information:
Norman Williams
10 Fiske Pl
Suite 411
Mt Vernon, New York 10550
Tel: 914-665-2233
The X MARINE is a system / apparatus for the conversion of water to a clean burning gas, for running any internal combustion engine using water as the sole source of fuel, to include cars, trucks, boats and jets but not limited to these.          
1. Executive Summary
JUPITER is ready to start manufacturing and marketing the X MARINE 1.0. This device will allow any internal combustion engine to use HHO from water as its sole source of fuel. This market has been growing in the last few years, but all other devices only use HHO from water as a fuel additive. The X MARINE system can run cars, trucks, and internal combustion generators using HHO from water as its sole source of fuel.
1.1 Business Opportunity
JUPITER does research and development in many technologies.  The price of fossil fuels is increasing, and driving the price of everything else up with it. Fossil Fuels also have negative effects on our planet. Fossil fuels cannot be recycled. The Earths Water cycle allows water to be used again and again as fuel. The main objective of JUPITER is to put the industries of mankind on a renewable source of fuel water, use water again and again without pollution.
1.2 Product/Service Description
The products JUPITER intends to R&D, manufacture and sell, is the X MARINE 1.0. The X MARINE 1.0 allows any internal combustion engine to use water as fuel. Any internal combustion engine used to power cars, trucks, electric generators, home electric power units, and or industrial electrical power plants. The X MARINE will not only stop global pollution, but will reverse inflation. Since all aspect of our economy depends on the price of fossil fuels.
1.3 Current Business Position
There is a starving market for this kind of device. The world reserve of fossil fuels is shrinking. Water is inexpensive and covers 75% of the earth’s surface. Water also falls from the sky free. The X MARINE uses plain tap water or rain water to make any internal combustion engine run. The unit cost of one X MARINE 1.0 installed is $2,000. The Semi truck X MARINE 1.0 will cost $7,000 installed.
1.4 Financial Potential
JUPITER expects to generate $5,000,000 the first year of startup. JUPITER should double or triple its income after the first year.
1.5 The Request
Norman Williams/JUPITER is seeking $5,000,000 to $20,000,000, in US Dollars, to begin R&D, and mass production of the X MARINE units.
2. Company Background
Norman Williams has extensive experience in R&D of electrical, metal, and energy generating devices. Norman Williams was the head of R&D for Sun Bear inc. Sun Bear inc was a solar energy generating company, ran by the late Dr Cherney. Norman Williams and Dr Cherney developed devices to power cars and homes by solar energy. Norman Williams is a former US Marine. In 1993 Norman Williams invented the Beeper Gun, a device that looks like a pager and fires five 9mm, or five .357 magnum rounds. The Beepergun got the front page of the New York Daily News, Norman Williams was voted inventor of the year in 1995 by MTV. The MTV video can be found on youtube, enter Beepergun in search when on youtube site.
2.1 Business Description
Norman Williams / JUPITER TECH is a Mt Vernon, New York based company.
2.2 Company History
JUPITER is a new company, but Norman Williams the company head has many successes in the technology field. Norman Williams began and completed research and development on flying cars, and anti tank devices for the U.S. military. Norman Williams has been the head of many think tanks, as well as the head of many R&D groups military and civilian.
2.3 Current Position and Business Objectives
JUPITER headed by Norman Williams will aggressively enter the new field of running cars, trucks and other internal combustion engine on water. Norman Williams has some of the most efficient and powerful designs for running autos on water. Norman Williams also has contacts with master mechanics and other master researchers in this new field. With the alliance of these heads of think tanks, JUPITER will sell the first unit to start, and run a car with a large block V8 on water alone. 
2.4 Ownership
Norman Williams is the sole owner of  US MECHANISMS / JUPITER.
On demand system for using water (HHO) as a sole source of fuel.
US Patent. 12455629 - Pending
The instant invention provides a system and apparatus, for direct retrofit into any internal combustion engine, a system and apparatus for an engine that uses only water as the raw fuel sources hydrogen, oxygen, and steam. The system is designed for on demand conversion of distilled water to hydrogen, oxygen and a slight amount of water vapor. Sensors, minor chamber modifications are the only minor changes to the original or OEM system provides an elegant answer to a question of alternative energy. With addition of multiple heat exchange units or steam generators, surplus energy is made.
1) To be the first corporation to manufacture cars that run using water as there sole source of fuel.
2) To be the first corporation to retrofit existing fossil fuel engines, cars, trucks, jets and locomotives / rail engines to run using water as their sole source of fuel.
3) To be the first, the best, and totally undisputed as this industries leader.
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HHO Bike / X MARINE Bike
HHO Bike uses water as Fuel, to run Jet Engine and Rocket Engines. AT Funkmaster Flex Auto Show.
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MTV Interview
MTV sound bite of Beeper Gun
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